Swosti Institute of Management and Social Studies


Dr. JK Mohanty

Dr. JK Mohanty, MHCIMA


Swosti Educational Foundation



Since last four decades, Swosti group has been an ace leader in tourism sector in Odisha and eastern India. We all know, tourism sector is not only the economy driver, it also positively alleviates sectors like transport, construction, handicrafts, manufacturing, horticulture and agriculture etc. With our expanding hotel properties and travel units, we have always felt the requirement of quality manpower in this sector.

 From our experience and based on the feedback which we have been receiving from our valuable guests in our hotels from within India and abroad, we wish to develop students into potential candidates who can meet the requirements of the international hospitality sector. With this thinking process Swosti Institute of Management and Social Studies has been formed since 2013.

As knowledge always forms the basis for a competitive advantage, high quality research inputs and analysis have gone into the teaching process at SIMSS which is in conformity with other leading hotel management institutes in India and abroad. We understand the need to provide high quality trained manpower in the hospitality sector and also understand the requirement and needs of a modern traveler.

 SIMSS has been doing great work in bringing the socially underprivileged to the main stream. Since its inception, our students from various programmes have made us proud and have featured as part of the various reputed hotels and other organizations.

At SIMSS we believe “The best way to predict your future is to create it with hard work and sincerity.”